On the 7th of May the police was once again ordered to come to FU after students had set up a protest camp in the courtyard of the campus. As was the case in December the situation quickly escalated. We asked students why they joined the protest and how they felt about the presence of the police.

By the editorial staff

Talking to studentsforpalestine_fu, a counter protestor and Freie Universität Berlin about what happened at the occupation of lecture hall 1a on the 14th of December. 

By the editorial staff

Freie Universität Berlin is grounded upon the fundamental values of truth, justice and freedom. These are the words engraved within the arches of the university’s seal. As of late these values and our ability to uphold them as students, lecturers and representatives of Freie Universität Berlin have been challenged on the daily within the premises of the campus.

By Aylan Minur